Frequently Asked Questions

As a company, we naturally receive many questions about our products and services. To make it easier for you, we have listed the questions we are often asked below. Is your question and answer not listed here? Then please contact with us. 

Vragen over the pass set:

Why is the passet more expensive?

With the passet, we send five bras instead of one. Therefore, as a guarantee deposit, we ask for the value of two bras. After returning the non-fitting bras, only the value of the retained bras will pay. the price is therefore the same in the end, we only ask this as a guarantee. If you have any doubts, you can
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What sizes are in a passet?

The passet always contains your chosen size. And some sizes in the same circumference a cup larger and smaller. In addition, a circumference smaller and cup size larger and circumference larger with cup size smaller. You order: 85F We will send you: 85F, 85E, 85G, 80G, 90E

Why a passet?

Several studies have shown that about seventy percent of women wear the wrong bra size. This can cause irritation and pinching. In order to provide the right support, a bra must fit properly. Especially in the case of a sports bra. To make sure that you choose the right bra size, we will send you a sample of the bra size.
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How do I return a passet?

When you order a fit, we expect you to return the non-fitting bras. Q-LINN pays the costs of this return shipment. To make it easy for you, we add your personal return label to your order. You can then stick this on the box in which you received the bras and return them to us.
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How does choosing a passet work?

Q-LINN specializes in sports bras. In order to provide the right support and not flatten your bosom, an extensive sizing curve is required. Currently it contains 61 sizes to be exact. Requesting a passet is quite easy. All you have to do is pick the model that appeals to you
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Vragen over return:

How do I return my order?

If you have ordered a passet, the return label has been added to your order. When ordering without a passet, please send us an email to info@q-linn.com. Please mention order number and reason for return. We will send you the return label within 2 working days so you can return your order free of charge. You can deliver your return to any PostNL service point
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What must the order meet to return it?

If you want to return your order, it is important that the products are returned in their original packaging and still in unworn condition with the labels attached. Briefs are not returned because of hygienic reasons. If you want to try your panties first, we advise you to try them on over your own
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How many days do I have to return my order?

Have you prepared your shipment for return? Then you have exactly 30 calendar days to deliver the order for return to a PostNL service point near you. 

Vragen over sports bras:

What is a post-operative bra?

The Cannes model has no seams on or around the cup. This bra is specially designed because of the great demand for bras to be used in the first months after breast surgery (both breast reduction and breast augmentation). This model offers the perfect support, with sufficient pressure on the cup. The bra has no underwire and seams that
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Are the cups preformed?

The Amsterdam and Cannes models both have a pre-shaped and extra breathable cup. The Barcelona model is pre-shaped, but has a softer fabric. 

Do you use braces?

Yes, both the barcelona and Amsterdam have braces. Yet this is not just any brace, but the patented flexible 'shape recovery brace'. This brace is so flexible and soft that you will not feel it. It follows your every move and can even be folded in half, but will always bend right back to the original shape.
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Where can I find Q-LINN in stores?

In our list of points of sale you will find the nearest store in your area. Please note that not all stores carry our full range, which is why Q-LINN has come up with the unique passet formula. This way you can try out the different sizes at home and in all peace and quiet. The passet is free to request. 

Why are not all sports bras equally expensive?

The Amsterdam model is an example of a nice sports bra with preformed cups, however with medium support because this cup is less 'closed'. The cost price is slightly lower and therefore the sale price as well. 

Why don't I know the Q-LINN brand?

Q-LINN was launched in equestrian sports in 2012. After further developments, Q-LINN items are now very suitable for all sports, from medium to high impact, from cup B to cup i and circumference 65 to 100. Want to know more about Q-LINN, the brand and our products? Then take a look at this About Us page
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What is so unique about Q-LINN?

Most sports bras press the chest flat giving "support". With a sports bra from Q-LINN you will keep your shape. Your breasts will be supported by the preformed cups and/or flexible underwires which are covered in gel for extra comfort. You won't feel it, but you will definitely see the difference! In addition, of course, ample
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Why should I buy a Q-LINN sports bra?

Q-LINN is a professional brand of sports bras and other sports underwear. Our sports bras are of a high quality, which provides adequate support and comfort while exercising. Our models of bras have rich details and exude sporty luxury. Our sports bras are also available in large sizes, up to Cup I. You will find
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What size do I have?

Do you want the right bra size? Then we advise you to order our passet. Then you are sure to have the best fitting sports bra in one order. You only pay for the sports bra you keep. 

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