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Sports underwear for horse riding provides the necessary support and comfort. The natural movements of the horse can cause an abrasive or irritated feeling in the legs, groin or crotch. Time to change this, we thought. Therefore Q-LINN developed sports underwear specifically for when you're riding. So that you as a rider can exercise your sport as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Want to know more about our sports underwear for horse riding? On this page you will find our product range and we will tell you more about our underwear.

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Saddle sores are a common complaint among riders and people who engage in equestrian sports. Due to the repetitive movements of the horse and the human body, fabric may rub or irritate the skin. Saddle sore can be prevented by wearing special riding underwear. Q-LINN has developed a special horse riding underwear. This underwear for horse riding is made of elastic and good sweat transporting fabrics. Unlike cotton, this does not cause irritation to the skin when sweating.


Underwear specifically for horse riding

Riders often wear white pants during competitions. When Q-LINN started developing underwear for horseback riding, this was an important consideration: the equestrian underwear should not show through the white fabric of the pants. Therefore we developed the underwear in such a way that it does not show through. By the way, did you know that you can also wear this underwear for riders during other sports?


Equestrian underwear

Q-LINN's equestrian underwear lets you enjoy riding again. Thanks to a supportive bra, sports top and underpants (from boxer, to thong or tanga) from Q-LINN you'll be sitting firmly in the saddle again. You will experience no pinching or skin irritations and the seamless equestrian underwear allows you to perform at your best. Another advantage of our underwear? You also look very stylish while riding. We therefore prefer to call our sports underwear sports lingerie.

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The products of Q-LINN you can easily buy in our webshop. The products you order will be delivered to your home. Would you like to try your sports underwear first? Request a special fitting set, so you can try on your new underwear at home. Rather see your underwear for yourself? Then you can visit one of the many outlets of our products. You can find them throughout the Netherlands and even abroad. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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