Do you want to perform optimally during sports without being hindered by abrasive underwear? Then try the stylish sports thongs from our assortment. With our thongs you can freely perform your game, training or workout without worries. Q-LINN's thongs are of a high quality and long-lasting, thanks to the use of quality materials that are durable and do not wear out quickly. No matter how intensively you exercise. Are you curious about the properties of our sports thongs or would you like to know more? Read more about our product range below.

Buy ladies sports thongs

Q-LINN developed the thongs especially for ladies. A lot of sports underwear that can be found on the market is rather dull or colorless. Often the practical aspect is preferred over the stylish. And we think that should change. Therefore, our sports thongs for women feature a stylish design and are available in matching, feminine colors. Our women's sports thongs are characterized by a beautiful design that preserves your feminine shape, but still allows you to work out in comfort. Our thongs for women are available in various colors. All these colors have the advantage that they do not or hardly show through under (white) sportswear.


Seamless thongs for women

The secret to our sports thongs for women? It lies in the application of seamless fabric and only the best materials. For example, under sports underwear is not stitched but glued with a special dot glue technique. This means you do not have to deal with abrasive seams or stitching that press on your skin. The connection points of our thongs and other underwear are moved to the sides. This prevents irritation in the crotch or on the thighs and upper legs. The seamless thongs for women also give you great freedom of movement. Seamless thongs for women have a good breathability feature. This is due to the application of well-breathable fabric types that keep for more comfort and a fresh feeling during sports, training or competitions.

For sale both online and offline

You can buy Q-LINN products in our webshop or at one of the many sales points. These can be found throughout the Netherlands and now also abroad. Want to know more? Then you can always contact contact us. This can be done by mail, phone or through our online chat feature on the website. We are happy to help make your experience with Q-LINN an even better one.

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