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Are you looking for the best sports bra that is not only stylish, but also supports your bosom during exercise? Then choose the sports bras from Q-LINN! With us you can buy the best sports bras with maximum support and comfort. In addition, we find appearance, style and class important. Q-LINN is a real Dutch company that strives for perfection and quality. We also noticed that many sports bras often look boring or neutral and that the function and comfort come before the appearance of the garment. This is where we want to change things. Because why can't both parts be represented in a good sports bra? This is what drives us to develop our own bras. Read more about our bras here and order one or more sets directly online.

Sport bras large sizes

We developed our sports bras for all women. Therefore, you will also find sports bras in large sizes in our assortment. From cup size A to cup size I. Even women with a larger chest size should be able to exercise as comfortably as possible. Preferably without flattening the bosom and without chafing edges around the bra. Also, your breasts are protected and hardly move during exercise. Our sports bra in large sizes are suitable for any kind of sport and are made of the most pleasant, moisture-wicking materials. We offer sports bras for cup sizes F, G, H and I in our product range, as well as bras for with circumference 65, 95 and 100. Our sports bras for large sizes provide sufficient support and flexibility to move as pleasantly as possible. Also for sports bras in large sizes you can request our free passet.


High impact sports bras

Condition of a high impact sports bra from Q-LINN is that the fabric should not chafe or pinch lock qris during exercise. Therefore, the bra moves well with the body and is breathable. As a result, you will not suffer from sweat during your sporting effort and you will maintain a fresh feeling. Q-LINN's high impact sports bras also feature flexible, adjustable gel straps. Also, some bra models have a racerback closure which eliminates the risk of neck or back pain.


Sports bra with bracket

Although many people advise against wearing a bra with underwire while exercising, nowadays it is not necessary. Thanks to the application of a flexible underwire, Q-LINN has developed a line of sports bras with underwire that offer strength, but are also flexible. In total, we offer three different types of sports bra with underwire. They have preformed cups and are available in the color violet ice (white, but not noticeable under sportswear). The sports bra with underwire ensures that you look great and at the same time feminine during sports. We have also paid attention to the fabric: with our sports bra with underwire there are no irritations or chafing pieces of fabric.


Sturdy bra for large sizes

When your breasts have a large size, a good, strong sports bra is often necessary so that your breasts are not bothered while walking, jumping or running. Especially for this purpose, we offer sturdy sports bras in large sizes. This way your bosom is supported in a comfortable way. Thanks to the use of soft fabrics and the processing of gel in the shoulder straps, you will not be bothered by an abrasive bra anymore and you can freely perform your workout or play a game.


Which sports bra to buy from Q-LINN?

Watch the video for the different bras and features.

Q-LINN's sports bras are available in the Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cannes, Dakar, Denver and Dallas types. These different bras all have a different look and support level. Q-LINN is also the right place for you when you want a little more luxury. We don't call our products 'sports lingerie' for nothing. The Amsterdam and Barcelona were the first models developed by Q-LINN. Below we list the features of our main models:

    • Amsterdam: The Amsterdam bra has pre-shaped cups with a slightly push-up effect. Because of the fit, the slight push-up effect and the look combination, the Amsterdam is currently the best-selling model!
      NoteThe cup of the Amsterdam is slightly larger, so if in doubt order one cup size smaller.
    • Barcelona: The Barcelona model has no preformed cups, which provides extra support for the larger cup sizes in combination with intensive, active sports. The flexible underwire keeps the breast in shape while the high cup closure guarantees maximum support and comfort on the breast. The wide, padded and adjustable shoulder straps distribute the pressure perfectly!
    • Cannes: The Cannes model has pre-shaped cups and provides perfect support without the need for underwire. A lovely bra.

Can be used for all sports

At Q-LINN, we understand that it should be enjoyable for a lady to play sports in the most optimal way. Whether it is elite sports, professional sports or recreational sports; while playing tennis, cycling, horseback riding, running, fitness or playing soccer, you want your women's bra to provide adequate support and comfort. In order to create a sturdy sports bra, we at Q-LINN work with soft materials. For example, think of a sports bra with underwire encased in a flexible gel and padded shoulder straps that offer comfort and extra firmness. Yet the model ensures that your feminine forms are preserved. Do you want to buy the best ladies sports bra with crossed straps (for sport or to wear under everyday clothes), racerback or rather one with straight straps? Both models of sports bras for women are available with us. And in various sizes.


The best quality

From the idea of producing a bra of high quality, but not inferior in quality of fabric, the different bras of Q-LINN were created. Several years of development and testing preceded this. A search for the new, optimal bra for equestrian athletes led in 2012 to the realization of the first series. Q-LINN then further developed the models into all-round sports bras. What you should know, however, is that our products are manufactured with care from the best materials. Because of course you should be able to perform at your best. We use various high quality materials that offer you the perfect support during intensive exercise and sports. In our assortment you will find sports bras with padding, sports bras with padding and sports bras without padding. You can also buy our bras in different colors. Including blue, black and skin color.


Advice on your purchase? Contact us

It is important to us that your purchase is the right one. Whether a bra fits comfortably is of course different for every woman. That is why you can buy your sports bra online and get a free apply for a passet. We use a money-back guarantee with free shipping or delivery to a pickup point in your area. Also if you have any questions about the correct way to wear or are looking for tips and information about our sports bras you can contact with us via the contact form or directly via the chat function on the site. We may be able to do something with your wishes. More information about the different types and styles can be found on our website.

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