In addition to bras and various types of lingerie, Q-LINN also offers sport leggings. In terms of colors and model, these sport leggings can be perfectly combined with the Q-LINN sport tops. Both garments are very breathable but thick enough so that the fabric does not draw. They are made to perform at their best. Whether you are a (semi-)professional athlete or amateur; good and comfortable sportswear is important. Want to know more about the women's leggings that Q-LINN offers? Read more about the different features and points of sale of our sports leggings here.

Sport leggings ladies

The sports leggings for ladies from Q-LINN are specially manufactured to move in the best possible way and perfectly perform your exercises or workout. As sports leggings for ladies, our models are made of the best materials. For example, the extra breathable grey mesh fabric. In our sports leggings for women, this is beautifully combined with the "Anthracite melange" fabric, which provides cooling. At the waist of our sports leggings there is an elastic band to keep the leggings in place. On the back (at the level of the lower back) there is a small pocket with a zipper. Ideal to keep your keys in when you go for a nice run!


Ladies leggings

The women's leggings we offer are available in different colors. Currently, these include Anthracite Fuchsia and Anthracite Blue. Our ladies leggings are made of the best breathable and stretchy fabrics and feel like a second skin. By using the best fabrics that breathe well and transport moisture. Instead of absorbing moisture the skin stays dry and you will not have any skin irritations. Not even during the most intensive workout at the gym.


Sport leggings

The sport leggings offered by Q-LINN are also great to combine with our other products. For example, you can go for the complete sports set by combining your sports leggings with our sports top. Make your outfit complete by also wearing our special sports underwear, such as a sports bra or sports lingerie from Q-LINN.


Q-LINN leggings are available in sizes XS to XL and feature a strong elastic band. Your leggings will thus stay firmly in place and will not sag during exercise.


Questions? Get in touch!

Our leggings and other products are available in our webshop or in points of sale throughout the Netherlands. Do you have any questions or a tip for us? Then please contact with us. The staff at Q-LINN will be happy to help you!



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