Sports bra with padding

A sports bra with padding is a type of bra that provides optimal comfort and support during sports activities. Whether it concerns professional sports or sports at amateur level; a good sports bra with padding or without is always advisable. Not only will your breasts be supported in a natural way, you will also not have any abrasive fabric during the sport itself. Curious about the different, unique models developed by Q-LINN? Read more about the range here and buy your sports bra with padding both online in our webshop and offline at our points of sale.

Buy Sports Bra with Padding

There are several types of sports bras with padding (or padding, in English). Often this type of bra is used to add volume to the bosom. Since this is not common during sports, sports bras usually do not have padding. But why not? It's a shame that this type of bra has a somewhat plain or dull appearance. Q-LINN thought it was time for a change and came up with the sports bra with padding that not only provides the right support but also looks good. This is due to the use of soft and flexible materials that are soft and nice to the touch. Think of lace or flexible cotton.

Padding properties

A sports bra with padding or padding contributes to the athlete's bosom. However, Q-LINN's bras are shaped in such a way that during sports there will be no hindrance from the shape or used fabrics. This is due to the use of fine materials and fabrics. The padding retains its shape even after several movements and washes and is therefore made of a sturdy quality fabric. A padded bra does have underwires, but they do not hinder. This is because they are made of flexible materials and therefore flex during movement.

For sale online and offline

Because bras are a very personal purchase and tastes and sizes vary from person to person, it is important that you buy the right size and format. Therefore ask our free passet to. The bras of Q-LINN are for sale both online and offline. You can find our bras at one of the many points of sale throughout the Netherlands. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Please fill in the contact form on our website. We are always working to make our products and services even better.

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