Sports Bra cup G

Looking for a fine sports bra with cup G in which you can move smoothly and finely? Then the range of Q-LINN is undoubtedly something for you. Our sports bras have all the comfort you need and offer your body enough freedom of movement to perform your sporting activities. Whether this is running, horseback riding or fitness: with a sports bra cup G from Q-LINN you will enjoy high comfort and sufficient support for your bosom. Curious about the assortment? Below we will gladly tell you more about the qualities of the sports bra with cup G.

The sizes of our sports bras with cup G

Not every bosom is the same or has the same dimensions. Therefore, you will find our sports bra cup G with a number of varying sizes for the straps and space. That way you can choose the perfect sports bra cup G that won't pinch, be too small or too big. Our sizes are:


  • 65G
  • 70G
  • 75G
  • 80G
  • 85G
  • 90G
  • 95G
  • 100G


Features of our bras

We think it is important that women are not bothered by their bras during sports. A sports bra is therefore practical, but does not emphasize the female form. A pity we think that. Because even during sports or for some sports you may just look feminine. That's why Q-LINN developed various lines of sports underwear, including sports bras. Because we find it important that this underwear also looks good, we prefer to speak of sports lingerie. By using supple, fine fabrics and finishes, our bras are both stylish and practical.

Buy your new bra online

You can buy your new sports bra quickly and easily online via the webshop. We always recommend to order a passet request. This way you know exactly which size you need. You can have our bras delivered to your home or to a collection point. You can also find our bras in points of sale throughout the Netherlands. Do not hesitate any longer and provide your bosom today with extra stylish comfort and support with our bras for small and large sizes. Do you have any questions or want to know more about the various sports underwear that Q-LINN sells? Please contact contact with us!

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