Sports bra with padding

During exercise, it is important that you feel comfortable. Yet you do not want to feel that your bosom is being squeezed, as is often the case with most sports bras. Therefore, Q-LINN developed a sports bra with padding to support your bosom during sporting activities, but at the same time maintain its natural shape. Q-LINN has sports bras with padding in different sizes and colors. Curious about our offer? Below you can read more about the model and properties of our sports bras with padding for extra support.

Features sports bra with padding

Q-LINN has a total of three different models of sports bras with padding. These are our models Amsterdam (featuring a diamond between the cups), Dakar and Denver. The padding in our sports bras with padding is subtle. This means that you will hardly notice that you are wearing a sports bra with padding. Our models also have a slight push-up effect that provides support, but also accentuates your bosom during exercise. After all, why shouldn't you look flashy while exercising? This is one of the core values that Q-LINN sets for its products: sporting style in our bras, sports tops or leggings with all the comfort.

Buy Sports Bra with Padding

A sports bra with padding can therefore be combined well with the other sports products in our range. Not only the ones mentioned above, but also our other sports underwear, including thongs and slips. A sports bra with padding ensures that you start your workout or competition in style but also with comfort. Our models are available in different price ranges, as well as sizes. Did you know that our bras can be purchased up to cup I.

For sale both online and offline

Above all, a bra should provide all the comfort you need while exercising. Therefore, at Q-LINN we have an extensive size chart and offer various opportunities to try on your new bras in advance. Ask for our free passet to. You can find our models offline in our points of sale as well as in the webshop. Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact contact us for questions and more information about our various models, sizes and dimensions. You can also use our chat.

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