Sports Bra Black

Q-LINN believes that sports underwear (or lingerie, as we like to call it ourselves) should not only be practical, but also stylish. That's why we developed a series of sports bras in black and other colors. A beautiful, elegant color that not only looks good but also accentuates your feminine form. Are you curious about our range of sports bras in black? Below we will gladly tell you more. The sports bras in black or other colors will give your bosom sufficient support during sports. Whether during a competition, training or just for a run: in our sports lingerie you will perform better in a comfortable way.

Advantages sports bra black

To achieve those athletic performances, sports bra in black or other color have a number of advantages. First of all, these quality bras are made from the most flexible types of fabric. This fabric for sports bras in black color ensures that sweat is better transported. As a result, there is no friction or skin irritation during your activities. Abrasion of the fabric, especially if quality fabrics have not been used, leads to problems or complaints. Also, our sports bras are sturdy, but at the same time very flexible. Thus, you experience both support and style while you exercise. Because in our sports bras the shape of your bosom is naturally maintained and supported in the special preformed cups of the sports bra in black or other color.

Complete your set of sports lingerie

Want to complete your lingerie for sports? Then take a look at our range of leggings or tops specially designed for wearing during sports activities. In our sports lingerie you can achieve sporting successes both indoors and outdoors. Always assured of high quality lingerie, thanks to Q-LINN.


Where do I buy my sports bra?

Q-LINN's bras can be purchased both online and offline. If you order your new bra in our webshop, it can be delivered to your home. You can also find our products at one of the dealers at outlets throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to try on your bra first? Ask for our free passet to! Do you have any other questions? Then please contact with us!

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