Running Sports Bra

When you are going for a run or doing intensive sports, it is important that your bosom gets in the way as little as possible. Therefore Q-LINN developed a special line of sports bras for running. With sufficient comfort and support, you will have a sports bra for running that is flexible and does not pinch. Are you curious about the different features of our bras to wear while running or other sports? Read more about the properties below and be surprised by the comfort of Q-LINN.

Sports bra for runners

Also when you are looking for a sports bra for larger cup sizes during your run, Q-LINN is the place to be. Our large and diverse selection of different types goes all the way up to cup size I. This way you will have a sports bra for large sizes during your run that not only provides sufficient support and comfort, but also looks stylish and especially feminine. Your breasts will keep their normal shape and the risk of chafing or pinching is avoided. That way you can perform at your best. Whether at amateur, semi-professional or professional level!

A bra for running and other performances

Running bras minimize discomfort during movement, exercise or long treks through the woods or park. When you buy our running bras, you can be sure that you are dealing with a high quality. Q-LINN has found the best balance between a stylish bra that can be used in the most flexible way. That's why we prefer to call our products sports lingerie. Our running bras are made of various materials and components.


The features

The bra developed by Q-LINN is specifically designed for performance or achievement. Therefore, soft and flexible materials have been used as we wrote above. For example, in our sports bras for running and other sports you will find special underwire, encased in gel. In this way, the female form is preserved, but you will enjoy sufficient support. The underwire can be bent into any shape, but will always return to its original state. The closure is also a three hook racer closure. In this way, your running bra has a favorable pressure distribution, so that the shoulders are not overloaded.


Buy our models

The models of Q-LINN bras are for sale in our store and webshop. Because comfort when wearing a bra is extremely important, you can try on our models first. For this purpose we have several passets available. Curious about the quality lingerie of Q-LINN? Feel free to browse our webshop or take contact with us. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help!

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