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Sports underwear should be mostly practical and how it looks doesn't matter. Right? At least, that's the thinking behind most sports underwear. Q-LINN changes this. We prefer to speak of 'sports lingerie', because why shouldn't this underwear be just as stylish as normal underwear or lingerie? With this in mind, we have developed a line of diverse underwear that is both comfortable and elegant. We think it's important that you feel confident exercising at both amateur and professional levels. Whether it's bras, boxers (also for men!), hipsters, thongs, sportslips or sport thongs: Our line of underwear continues to expand. Read more about the features of our sports underwear below and order your set directly online.

Buy sports underwear

Although during sports the focus is on the competition, the exercises or the course, the eye wants something too. Especially when combined with comfort. This will make you look a lot more confident. Good sports underwear of high quality is therefore indispensable. Q-LINN therefore started a line of sports bras, a first step towards the further underwear that we now offer. The development of Q-LINN's sports bra came from equestrian sports, so with the help of the sports underwear for riding. Meanwhile, athletes in various sports wear our bras and underwear. Good sports underwear must meet high quality standards (it must be able to withstand rough treatment) and offer great comfort (no abrasive edges, good perspiration removal). Q-LINN knows how to meet these requirements in their line of underwear with both sports underwear for women as sports underwear for men.


Sports underwear men and women

As we mentioned above, in the field of sports underwear we have several products. If you as a woman like to sport in a comfortable hipster or boxer we have a wide range. Do you prefer sporting a thong or string under leggings? Then Q-LINN also offers these types of sports underwear. Available in different colors and the usual standard sizes. Did you know that as a man you can also come to us for special underwear for sports? Recently we developed a comfortable boxer that does not rub and stays in place during exercise. All Q-LINN underwear is seamless. It does not contain any stitching that could cause unsightly marks or irritation, making it the ideal underwear for saddle sores and under tight (sports) leggings.


Optimal performance

All our products are made from elastic materials with as few seams or edges as possible that could impede your workout. Whether you wear underwear for comfort to perform better, our products give you and your body that little bit more. See also our other (sports) clothing line with sports pants, leggings and other garments of a high quality and high comfort.


Advice and tailored underwear

Want to buy our underwear online and try them at home? You can! We have several test models that you can try on. If you found what you were looking for, it is possible to pay via iDeal or PayPal. The package will be delivered to your home. However, you can also choose to pick up your package at a pickup point. You can indicate this in your order. If you have any questions about our service or products you are also free to contact Please contact us. We are happy to be of service to you!

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