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Fitness in a gym has seen a huge boom in recent years. At Q-LINN, we therefore developed sports bras for fitness and other sports such as horseback riding or running. Because we believe that quality, comfort and support go hand in hand with looks, our sports bras for fitness therefore look graceful. We have managed to combine these two conditions in our sports bras. Are you curious about the other features of our sports bras for fitness? Read on below.

Fitness sports bra: our options

If you work out, you have undoubtedly already experienced this: during the many exercises a bra can rub or even pinch. As a result, the exercises don't quite work out or you can't perform them without discomfort. The support can also be a problem. If, for example, you do not wear a special bra for exercising, complaints can arise. A band that pinches or a brace that sticks out. Not very pleasant. In addition, normal bras often do not offer good support. The Q-LINN fitness bras prevent these problems. They are made of soft, flexible materials (including gel straps) that offer you sufficient support and comfort.

Features fitness bras

A fitness bra from Q-LINN is made of materials that also breathe and allow sweat to pass through well. In this way your body stays cool during exercise and sweat does not accumulate. On the other hand, a fitness sports bra should also look good. Therefore we have worked with various luxurious fabrics, including silk or lace, which still give your bra an elegant look. Because admit it: often sports bras may be comfortable, but they often look a little less sexy. At Q-LINN we find that combination of lingerie and support with comfort is an important principle.


Appearance and character

With our special bra lines, you can be sure that your natural breast shape will be preserved. And that's okay too! Because why would you want to hide your feminine form during sports? You can find the cup sizes of Q-LINN in a handy size chart. So you know exactly which bra model fits your chest size or circumference best. A correct size is very important, especially during sports, as it prevents pinching or irritation.


Buy online or offline

Q-LINN's bras are there for the offline market in the store and online market in our webshop. We do this to increase convenience for you as a customer. When you order a bra from home, you can request a sample. This way you can try on your desired size, but you do not have to damage the packaging of your purchased bra. Meanwhile, the Q-LINN bra models are sold in more than 50 stores in both the Benelux and the rest of Europe. Take contact Please contact us with any questions and or comments or the products. We value your tips or comments.

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