Horseback riding sports bra

The idea to develop a special sports bra for horse riding and equestrian sports had been circulating in the heads of the founders of Q-LINN for some time. After a long period of trying out, testing and further development, the time was ripe in 2012 to put Q-LINN on the map as a brand. With a clothing line, including the sports bra for horseback riding, intended to give sports underwear no longer a dull or neutral appearance. Meanwhile, the range continues to expand. But where it all started, the sports bra for riders and other equestrians, is still an important pillar. Curious or looking for more information about these specially designed sports bras for horseback riding? Read more about the options, models and our service below.

Buy bra for riding

The idea of developing a sports bra specifically for horse riding seemed like a difficult task at first. What all had to be taken into account? For Q-LINN, one aspect proved the most important: comfort and support had to be in order, and the sports bra for horseback riding had to look good. The mission, to bring every athlete the best sports underwear in both quality and appearance, was thus a fact. Meanwhile we have grown to 54 sales points in the Benelux and Europe. You can also buy our models in the webshop.

Options sports bras horse riding

Our sports bras for horseback riding have a number of options: they are available in large sizes (up to cup size I) and the sports bras for horseback riding can also be used for other sports. Especially horseback riding, but also running or fitness asks a lot of the body. Therefore, a bra should fit well and not pinch. Q-LINN therefore uses comfortable and breathable materials. The finishing touch of Q-LINN is the finishing touch. More luxurious materials are used for this: lace and silk. This way you have a bra with charisma and class that fits like a glove.

What colors are there?

To look stylish during sports, the sports bras of Q-LINN are available in various colors. Think of Violet Ice (invisible under a shirt) and other colors such as an anthracite blend with details in fuchsia colors. Also steel-colored and blue are the other options.

Buying a new bra online or offline

Would you like to experience the convenience of our bra lines for yourself? Then you can order your bra online in our webshop with just a few clicks of a button. Would you rather try on your model first? That's possible too! We will send you a sample. passet on. In addition, our bras are also available for purchase offline at your local store. Do you have any questions or comments? Do not hesitate contact Please contact us. We are happy to be of service to you!

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