Sports underwear ladies

During sports, it is important that you can move as optimally and comfortably as possible. Thanks to the special underwear for women that Q-LINN has developed, rubbing seams or tight fastenings are a thing of the past. Extensively tested and implemented you will find ladies sports underwear at a competitive price. We have deliberately chosen a versatile range. So you will find in our collection of sports underwear for women both hipsters, women's boxers and thongs. Would you like to know more about our offer? Read more about the characteristics of our high quality sports underwear below.

Buy ladies seamless sports underwear

In our search for the best sports underwear for women, we quickly came to the conclusion that there is a major annoyance. Namely, abrasive underwear that, in combination with sweat, starts to irritate. This bothers female athletes so much during their competitions or exercises that Q-LINN came up with a solution: seamless sports underwear for women. Seamless sports underwear for women doesn't press on your skin and doesn't leave marks or streaks. Moreover, you can simply do your exercises in our underwear. Which is nice, because good sports underwear has a comfortable and supportive function.


Seamless underwear for women

Did you know that you can also wear our seamless boxer shorts or seamless underpants for women as "normal" underpants? If you like to carry out daily activities with comfortable and flexible underpants on your body, we recommend our products. Thanks to the high quality fabric, the seamless underwear for women also lasts a long time. Frequent washing has little impact on the quality of the fabric.


Sports in invisible underwear for women

If you ride horses or do any other sport where you wear white, sometimes a bra or underwear can show through. That's why our sports underwear for women is specially designed to perform in. The fabric itself is not translucent, but does not itself shine if you wear it under a white, light gray or other light color shirt.

Order your underwear today

Are you curious whether the underwear of Q-LINN is something for you? View the range on our webshop or find it in one of the many outlets throughout the Netherlands where you can find the products. Want to know more or do you have a question? Please feel free to contact with us by mail, chat or call us. We are happy to help and think with you to make your sport as good and enjoyable as possible.

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