Sports bra without padding

During sports, performance is important. Does it matter to you that your sports bra has no push up or padding? Then the sports bra without padding of Q-LINN might be something for you. Although this bra does not give your breasts extra volume, your bosom will still be kept in shape during the sporting activity. A sports bra without padding also offers sufficient support and firmness, without adding extra padding. Are you interested in one of our sports bras without padding or do you want to buy several right away? Read more about the properties and quality below. Be pleasantly surprised by the sports lingerie of Q-LINN!

Buy solid sports bras without padding

A sturdy sports bra without padding is practical during sports that require high physical intensity or activity. Think of sports such as horseback riding, boot camp, fitness or athletics. Especially for these sports Q-LINN has developed the sports bras without padding. These bras form the natural shape of the chest, but do not provide a filled or 'padded up' effect. Your bosom will remain protected during sports.

Features bra without padding

The sturdy sports bras without padding that Q-LINN developed, have a number of fine features that give you enough comfort and freedom of movement during exercise. Also for the larger sizes (up to cup size I) we have solid sports bras without padding. Because we use light and breathable materials you will continue to exercise with a fresh feeling. Thanks to flexible rubber straps and the possibility of wearing the bra in racerback version, you will not be bothered by seams, straps or other parts. A sports bra without padding from Q-LINN will therefore hardly be noticeable under your sports shirt, without squeezing or flattening your breasts.

For sale online or offline

Are you interested in one of our bras or would you like to try out a model? Then you can order online a apply for a passet. This way you can try on different models or sizes and pick your favorite. You can buy our bras in one of the many points of sale, to be found on this list of sellers of Q-LINN sports bras. Of course it is also possible to order your new favorite bra (or several) online. It is possible to pay online. Do you have any questions about our products or do you have any tips? In that case please contact with us. We are happy to help you!

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