Bra after surgery

When you have had surgery on your back, side, diaphragm or breasts and you still wear your normal bra, it can cause pain and irritation. Q-LINN has developed a special bra line after surgery. These special bras are equipped with the necessary additions to give you a comfortable feeling and sufficient support. Interested in the models or want to know more about the properties of our post-operative bras? Below you can read more about this special bra line.

Buying a bra after breast surgery

Breast surgery is usually done for cosmetic or medical reasons. But no matter how you look at it, breast surgery remains a sensitive area and can lead to painful scars. To prevent or reduce these scars, Q-LINN has developed a special bra to wear after breast surgery. The models feature supportive cups that do not pinch or have irritating edges or seams. Thus, post-surgery scars remain untouched and you do not experience any discomfort when moving around. The post-breast surgery bras are available up to cup size G and have contoured cups for adequate comfort and support.


Features special bra after surgery

The post-surgery medical bras developed by Q-LINN feature a number of practical advantages. First, the risk of the fabric rubbing against scars or wounds is minimized. The medical bras for after surgery are manufactured from soft materials. In addition, they have preformed, underwire-free cups. The medical bras are characterized by an easy closure, often at the front, so that you do not have to make an effort to open the bra from behind.


Purchasing multiple support bras after breast surgery

Wearing a special support bra after surgery is always recommended. By wearing the support bra after breast surgery, the healing process is supported. We recommend to simultaneously purchase two support bras after breast surgery. A doctor will often advise you to wear the bra both day and night for several weeks after your surgery. In that case it is nice to have several special support bras for after your breast surgery so that you can always put on a clean and fresh model.


For sale online and offline

You can buy Q-LINN products both online and offline. When you order your new bra for after surgery through our webshop, you can also get a sample. This way you can try on your new bra without having to remove it from the packaging. The Q-LINN bras can also be purchased at various outlets in the region. Do you want to know if there is a point of sale in your area? Check the online overview here and buy your sports bra in a store.

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