Post-operative bras

When you undergo surgery on your breasts, whether medical or cosmetic, it can be painful and even interfere with recovery to wear a bra again after surgery. Therefore, there are special post-operative bras for sale. This is a type of bra that is best worn immediately after your surgery without underwire and with as few seams as possible near the scar. This will give you enough support and protect the wound on your breasts. It is important that the right materials are used for this so that you feel as comfortable as possible in your post-operative bra. Would you like to know more about the postoperative bras that Q-LINN offers? Read more below about the range of post-operative bras that you can wear as after breast augmentation or reduction and other types of surgery.

Good postoperative bras

When you undergo surgery on your breasts, it is imperative that even if you are going to wear a post-operative bra, it should provide adequate comfort and support for your breasts. This is due to a bracketless contoured post-operative bra. The right size or shape is usually found only after fitting and trying.


Bra after surgery

After surgery, a post-operative contoured underwired bra can serve to support the breasts and provide adequate comfort. We recommend that you always purchase multiple post-operative (medical) bras so that you can wear a clean bra at night and during the day. Because of Q-LINN's very fast-drying fabric, the bra can often be worn again the next day.


Bra after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a form of cosmetic surgery in which more volume is added to the bosom. After surgery, it is often necessary to wear a special post-operative contoured underwire-free bra that does not chafe and protects the scars. When doing this, make sure you choose the right size to match the new size of your bosom.


Bra after breast reduction

On the contrary, a breast reduction is an operation that can have both a cosmetic and medical purpose. If back or neck pain is caused by too large breasts, a breast reduction is an option. Again, a post-operative contoured underwire-free bra can still support the breasts in a way that does not pinch or chafe the skin.

Buy your bra at Q-LINN

For proper support and optimal comfort, you have come to the right place at Q-LINN. Our post-operative bras are specially made to allow you to move as comfortably as possible, without abrasive fabric or protruding parts. You can buy these bras both online in the webshop and offline at one of the points of sale. Because buying a suitable bra is a precise task, it is advisable to get advice on your purchase. In that case please contact us. We will gladly help you to advise and choose the right supportive bra for you. When in doubt about the right size we advise you to try on the fitting.

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