Bra after breast augmentation

Have you undergone a breast augmentation and are you looking for a bra with sufficient comfort and support? Q-LINN has developed a special bra for you to wear after breast augmentation. These bras for after breast augmentation have no seams to cause irritation or pinch points. Also, these bras for after breast augmentation have contoured, underwire-free cups. It is therefore a bra that supports, but at the same time protects your scars. With this in mind we went to work. We now have several models of bras that you can wear after surgery. Read more about them below.

Buy Breast Augmentation Bra

A bra for after breast augmentation is usually recommended by a doctor. Especially in the first few days after surgery, the breasts can be sensitive. In order to protect the scars, it is wise to purchase a bra especially for after breast augmentation. The breast enlargement bras of Q-LINN have been extensively tested and at the moment we recommend our model Cannes. These bras go up to cup G and can be purchased online or offline. There are no seams around the cup. Your breasts can recover while being supported and protected.


Sports bra after breast augmentation

If you want to resume sports after your breast augmentation, we also have a special sports bra after breast augmentation. These flexible bras not only protect your bosom during your workout, workout or competition. Thanks to the convenient closure and straps that do not fall off, your breasts remain supported while you perform your sports activities. Again, the scars are spared as much as possible and there are no seams to cause irritation. The sports bra after breast augmentation is also designed to prevent back and neck pain.


Buy your bra online or offline

Q-LINN believes it is important that your sports lingerie is of a high quality and that both our sports bra and post-operative bra will protect your body. Would you rather try on your bra first? Request our free fitting set. This way you can try on a suitable size of bra. Our tip: buy two postoperative bras at once. Often you will have to wear a postoperative bra at night and in the morning you can put on a clean one. Would you like to know more or do you have tips or comments about our products or service? Please contact Q-LINN and we will be happy to hear from you.

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