Ilonka Kluytmans

Q-LINN sports lingerie is always open to improvements. That's why we have a number of brand ambassadors. The brand ambassadors test the new Q-LINN products extensively before they are launched on the market and use Q-LINN daily during their sports activities.
We would like to introduce you to Ilonka Kluytmans (eventingamazone) and her experiences with Q-LINN.

Ilonka was born on 6 November 1984 in Breda. It is not surprising that Ilonka ended up in the equestrian world, because Ilonka comes from a real horse family. Her mother was/is very fanatic in dressage and her father jumped and rode eventing.
On her 5e came the first pony, Robbie from which she regularly fell off. This was followed by several more fine ponies and at her 10e she got the 3 year old E-pony The Jumping Victress. She trained the pony successfully to Z2 dressage, Z jumping and Z SGW. In the ZI dressage Ilonka became NKB champion.

Ilonka made her international eventing debut with Speed and Force which she trained herself from an unsure little horse from the trade to a tough international CIC2* eventing horse.

Nowadays Ilonka is fully into horses, has 5 boxes at home, rides 2 horses in eventing at CIC3* level and gives many lessons.

Ilonka's highlight with Speed and Force was a beautiful 4the place during the CCI1* competition in Ede.

The passion for the top sport was born since Ilonka has CANNA Pride at her disposal. Her topper with whom she had a fantastic eventing season in 2012. A 4the place in their first World Cup competition, inclusion in the Olympic framework and of course the Boekelo debut!

Meanwhile Ilonka has trained several horses to Z jumping, Z2 dressage and CCI3* eventing. The horses CANNA There He Is and Image of Roses are currently the 2 top horses in the barn. They both had a very good season in 2017 and qualified at CIC3* level.

As of February 1, 2014, Ilonka is working full time in equestrian sports. She teaches the disciplines dressage - jumping and eventing, provides theory evenings and clinics.
In collaboration with Cahrin van Jaarsveld Ilonka gives ' Pilates lessons for riders '.
At the Wellant College in Dordrecht, Ilonka gives practical lessons and she is an assessor for the aptitude test.
To stay sufficiently involved in her friend Luc's dairy farm, Ilonka helps with milking the cows at least once a week.

Ilonka tells the following about the use of sports underwear and the introduction to Q-LINN sports lingerie: ''for years I wore a sports bra that squeezed my breasts flat. I thought it gave the right support for me. Even though they were sports bras I didn't find it comfortable. It sweated easily and in my neck the straps were tugging at me. When I went to teach after riding, I always wanted to change my sports bra for a regular bra. Not only for the looks but also because of the comfort.
In 2009, creator and owner of Q-LINN Bart van Nuland approached me to test sports bras. After each round of testing came a questionnaire that I carefully filled out. The sports bras started to look more and more luxurious and chic. In 2012 I received my first "real" Q-LINN sports lingerie set. What a pleasure it is to wear the sports lingerie of Q-LINN. It fits even better than a regular bra because the shoulder straps are wider than with a normal bra and the shoulder straps are lined. Because the straps are so soft it never pulls in my neck. The complete picture is done, the sports bra gives good support. When I go running I make a racerback of the straps but when I go out spontaneously for an evening the Q-LINN sports bra can just stay on!

The Q-LINN team really appreciates Ilonka being critical while testing our products.
Partly because of her critical feedback, we can develop the best products!

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