Danique Janssen

We would like to introduce you to Danique Janssen, dressage rider. Danique is one of the brand ambassadors of Q-LINN sports lingerie.
Today we introduce you to her and her experiences with Q-LINN.

When Danique was about 7 years old she started horseback riding at the local riding school. Like many girls she had a favorite pony, Trixie. On her 8th birthday her grandfather had a big surprise, he had bought Trixie, her favorite pony from the riding school.
With this pony Danique became a member of the pony club and they started riding competitions. This went quite well and together they reached the class M.
Danique continued on her sister's old pony and some other ponies followed, which she then trained herself.
Her last pony was an E-pony named Lorella, who was already well trained and could give Danique the confidence to continue with the horses later and develop even more horsemanship.

Then the switch was made to horses. Danique started with a learning horse, Oasis (by Clavesimbel). With this horse she started in L1 and rode up to small tour level. At that time she also rode with the juniors and young riders. Danique then started looking for a 2the This horse was trained to Z level but had not yet been used in competitions. This was Monty K (by Michelangelo), he was trained to Z level but had not yet competed. Danique and Monty K came to the Intermediare I.

Around that time, Danique went from the vmbo to the Prinsentuin college to follow the MBO training in horse keeping and to make her hobby her work.

Meanwhile, the ball started rolling. Another horse was added and a yearling (by Westpoint) was bought. That yearling is Coert, Danique's current competition horse.

From this moment on Danique started training young horses and bringing them out in the sport. At one point she was approached to ride for Stoeterij Broere in Ablasserdam. Danique has chosen to work fulltime and has previously graduated from the Prinsentuin college. Of course with a diploma! After that she started working at Van Olst Horses and after that at Platinum Stables. At this moment Danique is still riding for Platinum Stables. In addition, Danique is busy training and competing her own horses. The yearling we mentioned earlier, Coert (by Westpoint), is a good example. Coert is now competing in Intermediare I. For Platinum Stables, Danique rides the KWPN approved stallion Indigro (Negro x Jazz). Danique has ridden the stallion competition with Indigro. Now they compete together in the World Championships and the Subli competition. Participating in the Pavo cup this season is her goal with Indigro.

About the cooperation with Q-LINN Danique says the following: ''A number of years ago I was approached by Bart van Nuland, creator and owner of Q-LINN, to work as a test model for Q-LINN sports lingerie. I've known Bart for years from the pony club. From testing, I just rolled into it and now I wear Q-LINN sports lingerie every day.
I find Q-LINN very pleasant to wear. It's comfortable and gives good support. It looks nice, you don't have the idea that you are wearing sports underwear because of the chic look and details of the sports bras!''

We thank Danique for these lovely words about Q-LINN sports lingerie and hope we can work together for a long time to come!

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