Sports bra without underwire

Do you want to perform at your best while exercising without letting your bosom get in the way or being bothered by irritating underwire? Then the special sports bras without underwire from Q-LINN are the way to combine comfortable sports with support and elegance. Q-LINN has developed a large assortment of sports bras without underwire that for every athlete, whether it's horseback riding or running, keep the bosom neatly in place and form with the body. If you would like to know more about the properties, you can read more about the models we sell below.

Sturdy sports bra without bracket

An important point for underwired sports bras is that they must provide firmness. After all, the breast must be held in place during exercise. When you choose a solid sports bra without an underwire, you will find that you still have a quality support that you can use during sports, without the comfort and support disappearing. Because they have no underwire and are not pre-shaped, the chest can often sag a bit. In order to still offer that support during exercise, Q-LINN has made the sports bra without underwire out of flexible materials. Think of gel and special racerback straps so you won't be bothered by them either.


Features sports bra without bracket

In the development of a sports bra without underwire, we have mainly looked at the following properties: flexibility, comfort and support. The flexibility of a bra is mainly expressed in the freedom of movement and possibilities during sport. To achieve this, we use materials that also enhance comfort and are sweat and air permeable. This way you will continue to exercise with a fresh feeling. Finally, the support is also important. And of course the look. Because at Q-LINN we make underwired sports bras that are made with soft fabrics, including silk and lace, you also have an underwired sports bra that also looks elegant. Hence, we prefer to call our bras sports lingerie.


Buying a bra from Q-LINN

Our sports bras can be found both online in the webshop and offline at one of our many points of sale. A high quality bra that is really specifically designed for the athlete. Whether you are an amateur, semi-pro or professional athlete: sportswear and therefore sports lingerie should fit well. Do you have any questions or would you like to give us a tip? We are happy to assist you.

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