Sports bra preformed

Do you want a sports bra that holds your bosom in place during exercise and maintains a natural look and feel without pinching? Then a pre-shaped sports bra might be just the thing for you. With us you will find the best sports bras with preformed shapes and a natural look and feel. Do you want to experience the quality and comfort of Q-LINN? Read more about its features below and purchase your new sports bra with preformed cups in all cup sizes today.

Buy Preformed Sports Bra

A pre-shaped sports bra from Q-LINN does not pinch. Because of the preformed cups, your bosom lies in a natural shape and is well supported during sports. And whether that's horseback riding, fitness or running: the sports bras from Q-LINN have been extensively tested to be used for different sports. The pre-shaped sports bras also look stylish. That's why we prefer to call our sports bras and other sports underwear sports lingerie. Because sports in comfort and style, why wouldn't that be possible?


Firmly contoured sports bra: the features

When you purchase our sturdy and contoured sports bra you know for sure that you are choosing quality. After a long process of developing, trying out and shifting gears, we at Q-LINN have managed to produce a bra that offers both comfort and support. Without preformed cups, but still maintaining your natural, feminine shapes. A solid pre-shaped sports bra does not hinder you during exercise and does not pinch. This is due to the soft materials (including rubber straps) and a racerback closure. In this way, back or neck pains are prevented and you can perform at your best.


Ordered online, delivered at home

Choosing a new bra is a personal purchase. That is why we think it is important that you choose the right bra for your body. If you prefer to try on and try on your bra at home, you can request our fitting model. In this way you can be sure that you are buying a bra online that you know will fit you well. It is also possible to buy our products in one of the many points of sale throughout the Netherlands. Take advantage of our guarantees: you can pay both in advance and afterwards and your bra can be delivered to a collection point in your area.


Do you have any questions or comments about our products? If so, please contact us.

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