Sports Bra Large Cup

When you have a larger bosom, the right sports bra can be quite a search. Q-LINN has therefore developed a sports bra especially for large cup sizes. With us you will find various models that offer your bosom both support and comfort during sports. With the line of sports bras for a large cup that we developed, you can be sure that you will be able to perform your game or sports exercises without any irritations or complaints.

Buy Sport Bra Large Cup

Want to buy the sports bras with large cup? Q-LINN has a wide selection with padded and width adjustable shoulder straps. Do you have a cup size G, H or even I? Then we have the right size for you. You can buy a sports bra for a large cup online or offline in our webshop or points of sale. Curious about the properties? Read more below.

Features bra large cup

During sports, the bra should above all not get in the way. Therefore, Q-LINN large cup bras are made of the most flexible and soft materials. The straps, made of rubber, rub as little as possible while moving. For extra support to prevent neck or back pain, you can wear the straps crosswise. When you buy a large cup bra from our collection you will soon not want to do otherwise. Not for nothing we call our sports bras and other underwear rather sports lingerie. Not only are the products comfortable, they also look very elegant and stylish.

Our types of sports bra with large cup size

At Q-LINN, we have developed a number of types of sports bras with a large cup size. Both our models 'Cannes' (up to cup G) and 'Barcelona' are available in large cup sizes. The features mentioned above apply to both models.

For sale online and offline

Do you prefer to buy your new sports bras at home? Understandable. You can also request one of our fitting models. These will be sent to your home so that you can try on the model of bra before you buy it. The Q-LINN bras are available for sale both online and offline. You can find them at one of the many points of sale throughout the Netherlands. Do you have any questions about the properties or comments? If so, please contact us. We are happy to help and think along with you.

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