Sports bra good support

Sports bras come in different shapes and sizes. But the most important feature of a sports bra is good support. This can be achieved in several ways. However, most sports bras do provide good support, but they look less beautiful. Q-LINN believes that this should change and has developed sports bras that provide good support and at the same time look good. Therefore, the best fabrics and materials are used. Curious about our sports bras and the characteristics of our unique products? Read more about the characteristics of our bras and the comfort they offer below.

Sports bra with good support

A sports bra with good support is distinguished from other sports bras by a number of features. First of all, there is the choice of fabric. It should be sufficiently elastic and firm, so that your bosom remains in place during exercise or other physical efforts and does not chafe. A sports bra with good support also has the right kind of straps. The sports bras from Q-LINN are made of the best materials. These include soft fabrics and gels that reduce chafing of the straps. In addition, you can wear the straps of our sports bras crossed over the back or straight over the shoulders.


Characteristics of our products

The features of the sports bras that Q-LINN sells are based on three different pillars. These are: comfort, support and style. Especially the last point is often lacking in sports bras. However, we find it important that our sports bra models (including the Amsterdam or Cannes) look stylish. Therefore, soft and fine materials such as lace, elastic cotton and silk are used. An important point here is that there is no irritation during your workout or sporting event. So in our models no abrasive fabric or straps!


Contact us today

Of course, it is the intention that the sports bra you buy fits and fits correctly and comfortably. Therefore, it is possible to try our sports bras at home and return them later if you do not like the size and model. Did you find the right bra? Then buy it online in our webshop or visit one of our points of sale throughout the Netherlands. If you have any questions about the different features, types or materials used, please contact us via the contact page. We are happy to assist you.

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