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During sports it is important that a bosom is sufficiently supported and not in the way. A sports bra with crossed straps from Q-LINN therefore offers an appropriate and comfortable solution. Are you curious about the sports bras with crossed straps that we sell? Below you can read more about the features and facts of our sports bra with crossed straps. Sufficient support, comfort and at the same time a stylish bra during sports, that's what every woman wants, right? Our sports bra's make it possible!

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During sports, there is nothing more annoying than sagging bra straps that prevent you from performing optimally during your workout, competition or exercises. Our sports bras with crossed straps are the best solution. The bra straps can be worn either crossed or straight. Because the crossed straps of a sports bra do not run over the shoulders but over the back, they cannot slip. Sports bras with crossed straps ensure that your bosom gets the right support during an intensive, physical activity. The sports bras with crossed straps from Q-Linn are available in different models and colors. This way you will always have a sports bra that suits your sports activities and body best.



Our sports bras with crossed straps are specially designed for practitioners of various sports. This is especially evident in the composition and choice of fabric. The bra straps can be worn over your shoulders or crossed over your back for the best comfort. We noticed that many sports bras primarily serve a practical purpose, choosing comfort over appearance. But why shouldn't a sports bra also look nice? At Q-LINN we have developed three types of sports bras. These types (The Amsterdam and Cannes) have preformed cups. This way you keep the female shape of your bosom and you also have a bra that looks nice.


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We think it is important that the bra you wear while exercising fits well, that is why you can order a test model through our website. These models are available in all common sizes (from cup B to cup I), so you can always try on your new sports bra. Found your favorite model? Then buy it online or at one of our points of sale. You can find the products of Q-LINN throughout the Netherlands. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help!

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